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Providing complete solutions in Waste Management and Road Sweeping

  • Manufacturing SPVs for waste management and urban development
  • Prefered choice for City Municipal Corporations and Government Bodies in terms of Product Range, Quality and capacity
  • World-class manufacturing base and extensive expertise in Indian Truck Chassis and Driving Condition
  • Superb international technology partnerships.
  • For sales, leasing, rentals and OnM queries, please reach out to us at

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Built for India,
Build in India
Traditionally, imported machines have not performed well here as they are not built for India conditions We tied up with world market leaders for each category fof product. performed joint R&D on Indian roads and waste and different conditions. Finally modified and built a machine made for India. Leveraged to Leverageding to assemble to build. Providing great local service and support.
Vehicles: Built in India . Built For India

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